How To Convince A Client To Invest In SEO


Why is it necessary to invest in SEO? First of all, to answer this question, let us understand what is meant by SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO basically is the steps that need to be taken to find greater visibility on the search engines. So, by better executing the SEO, it makes potential customers easier to find your site while searching for the relevant bits of information.

The alternative to SEO is to promote a site through the paid offering. It is an inorganic method to promoting oneself on the web, so to speak. On the other hand, SEO takes some time to achieve as it is an organic method of getting hits to a website.

The solid point for using SEO

If you think persuading a client to invest in SEO for his site will be challenging, it is better to start with the basics of the activity than dwell into the more difficult stages of the promotion. There are several strong reasons to use SEO, but the below mentioned are the most basic to any optimization carried out on a particular website.

1. Foreseeing the outcome: It is always easier to convince an SEO client if he is sure of the effect that arises out of its use. One of the important reasons people take to search engine optimization is the costs that can be saved from the promotional activities. It is easier to save money and achieve the same level of visibility for the search results using SEO than any other paid service.

Any client would be impressed and willing to give SEO a try if he is convinced that it can save lots of money and bring in the desired results. Take, for instance, paid promotions of websites; it is possible to cut the budget to less than half by spending a little bit of money on SEO. Talking ballpark figures, it is possible to slash a monthly Rs.60,000 budget by up to two-third if a successful SEO campaign is started. Thus, by effectively spending something like 5,000 Rupees a month on SEO, it is possible to restrict the paid campaign budget to 20,000 Rupees a month, therefore clearly bring forth a saving that cannot be matched otherwise.

2. Understanding the logic: If a client has to be won over to using SEO for his website, it is necessary to explain the situation logically. First of all, paid campaigns cost loads of money. The keyword needs to be competitively bid against competitors, pushing up the cost of promotion in no time. If a marketing agency is pushing forward twenty keywords at the expense of Rs.15,000 per month, then he gets a return on his investment which could be that he gets to sell Rs.100,000 worth of goods.

If an effective SEO campaign is done, it would be possible to bring about this very sale but at very minimal costs. When doing a paid campaign, the related keywords are not involved in the promotional. Still, in the case of an effective SEO strategy, it is possible to rank for a range of keywords that have been taken in for the sales promotion

3. Creating a plan: It is possible to sound very convincing to the potential client towards SEO if an accurate road map is presented at the start. Below shown is a dashboard shot of one of the leading SEO sites to be had. It presents graphically all that there is to be known about the SEO of a particular site and is self-explanatory.


Finally, what gets to sell to the client?

Most clients are sold on solid data. It is thus essential to understand the basics of SEO and make it as presentable as possible to the client. Here it helps to use readily available dashboard shots that would only strengthen the argument towards the use of SEO. One of the most promising aspects of optimization is that the returns are more long-term and permanent than the quick and flimsy promotions that are got by paid activities.

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