10 Reasons That Make SEO Crucial For Your Brand

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SEO is an indispensable tool for the success of a brand. If you want to be seen and recognized by the masses. Implementing SEO in every aspect of your website or article is very important. Google covers over 57.8% of the traffic on the web, and if you are not ranking on the top SERP then you are missing out on major exposure.

As the world is leaning more towards a digital transformation, SEO is gaining more traction over time. The reason being, 95% of people never make it past the first result page, and 5% of people reach only the 2nd and 3rd-page results. If you are seeking long-term organic growth, implementing SEO is a must.

You don’t want to fall behind in this race to the top, do you? We know you don’t so here are the top 10 reasons as to why SEO is crucial for your brand and its success.

1.      How does it bring more traffic?

The sole aim for the creation of a website is to let the world know about your brand. Now, if your website is stuck on the bottom of search engines, it is really not possible to reach those people. But you know what helps? Yes, SEO does, and leading personalities of the world are ready to pay a lot for this service.

Studies show that 99% of the pages are not able to take advantage of organic growth because they don’t know about SEO and there are no backlinks on the website. (Source: Ahrefs )

This traffic will not only bring recognition to your brand but also give you leads, yes both warm and cold leads. No more depending upon referrals of fliers for creating a loyal audience or customer base.

2.      Want To Be A Part Of The Long Run?

Sure, paid Ads will bring traffic to your website; however, ask yourself this question. Will they keep bringing you the same amount of traffic over the course of time? If you want to be prominent on the internet, your name and brand should pop up every time that someone types something related to it.

Studies show that 50% of traffic on a website comes from the organic web, which accounts for more than the social and paid ads strategy.

Ads don’t help in achieving that goal, but SEO does. With the use of correct keywords and strategies, you will see immense growth without the need for paying many times for an Ads. SEO is an investment that reaps long-term growth and ensures that your audience grows out, and success flows in.

3.      Do You Want Your Customers To Make Repeated Transactions?

Search engine optimization not only aims at pushing your brand and identity on the top pages but also helps in nurturing credibility and trust amongst your customers. When you are using content that is optimized, you are essentially being transparent to your customers about every aspect of the brand.

When people trust you, they eventually come back to you, this creates a loyal customer base. This means that SEO does not only bring a new audience but also sustains the one that exists currently.

Source- Semrush

To build this trust Google uses the formula of E-A-T ( Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness of). This paradigm defines if a webpage is useful and can be crawled by spiders or not.

Trust is a bearer of good businesses. As per studies, Google’s algorithm uses reviews and visits as a trust factor. Trust creates credibility, and when customers see that you are vocal about your business, and have been serving others with enthusiasm, more people get to know about you. The first consideration that googles factors in is how customers perceive your business.

4.      Do You Want Your Brand To Become A Household Name?

Content is a requisite for the growth of any person or brand. When you hire an SEO expert to write content for the brand, they are just delivering your message digitally through words. The crucial part is turning this content into a voice that imprints the message into the back of the head of every visitor.

Source: Venngage

In fact, statistics show that 65% of the audience says that a brand with a distinctive voice is more likely to inculcate emotions in their hearts and pursue them to make a transaction.

Hence, harnessing the beauty of words strategically is essential. SEO helps deliver your message subtly, and professionally to the audience.

5.      Did You Know That Experience Plays A Big Part In Ranking?

SEO is not only related to keywords, but it involves various aspects like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, optimal language, ease of navigation, etc. When some business implements this into their website. The combined looks, as well as the user experience, are transformed for a good session.

Source: Google

Here is a list of how Google is amending it’s algorithm by counting experience as a part of SEO and enhancing the user’s experience on Google.

A good SEO will have ample graphics, good font, justified margins, and zero grammatical mistakes in the

If a user feels that your brand is providing them ease of reading and delivering on every visit, they are likely to return to you, and even more likely to make a purchase from you.

6.      More Conversion

If your website is not optimized, the bounce rate will likely be higher. That means that even though people will visit your website, they will not take any meaningful action and go for another competitor who has optimized their website.

Source- Wikipedia

Here is how you can check the conversion rate of your website after implementing SEO. Most companies saw a rise of almost 14.6% conversion rate, when they hired an SEO expert, and even more visits.

Shabby content drags the leads away from your brand. Hence, if you want to convert and reach more customers, then amp up your SEO game or you will be left behind. A good way to track growth after implementing SEO is to check analytics through google business tools.

7. Do you want to be a part of 9.12% of pages that are visible?

Yes, it’s a fact, 99.88% of pages are invisible on Google. That means you have to aim for the top 9.12% that are displayed to the users. If not, your plan to create a prominent brand will crumble down.

Without SEO and good backlinks. Your website will also end up at the bottom,as you are not being referred to people for the information that you are providing.

Source: Ahrefs

These actionable figures show the positive impact that reflects when you start using SEO for organic growth. If you get 1001+ visits on your website, then you are at the top of the pyramid.

The graph is a representation of how people who want to create a legacy are heavily investing in SEO sustaining their faith in organic growth and the results that it bears. If your brand comes within the blue section, you should probably try to amend it by hiring an expert. The market will not wait for anyone.

8. PPC Method is good, but do you want to promote yourself 24/7?

Yes, paid ads are great, but let’s just say that SEO brings double the traffic of paid ads. Paid ads bring mostly 6%  traffic for a specific keyword but SEO brings 12% or more. So which one is your pick? The latter if you are looking to not just grow but grow radically while eliminating inefficiencies.

Source- Ahrefs

In the above example, you see how organic growth dominates the results and is very excessive of the paid results.  The 85% growth is only achievable through the right strategies and the right team. SEO click-through rates are higher than PPC and the cost per acquisition (CPA) will also go lower when using SEO.

9. Want to stay ahead of your competition?

Let’s take this up with an example. There are 2 companies in the Apparel industry. The prices and style of both of their products are the same. However, A always gets more orders than B, and B is making many new efforts like giving discounts, holding giveaways but still not seeing ther results.

This is because A has invested in an SEO expert and B is still figuring it out on their own.

Source- Crazyegg

A survey shows that 61% of the marketers say that with SEO they improved the reach and could stay ahead of their competition, and it also helped in getting online visibility and more customers.

So will you go with the majority of still waiting for a miracle to push your business forward?

10. Want to end the scuffle of paying every time for Ads?

SEO doesn’t need to pay for ADs. Yes, you read it right. SEO is a one-time investment that brings expansive growth by narrowing down the costs. If you are a player, in the long run, you should consider investing time and money in an agency or expert to write high-quality content for your website.

It is a widely practiced method that has brought great success to conglomerates of the world, You must want to focus your time on core business activities instead of practicing the hit and trial method for growth.


Now that you know how SEO can help you emerge above the competition, it is time to implement it. Remember, you can have the most innovative idea, product, or service in the world, but if you do not know how to market it, it will all come tumbling down.

SEO is your fortification against such downfalls in business. It catalyzes your success graph and brings in results that will far exceed your expectations. If you have been ignoring the SEO aspect of your business till now, it is the perfect time to rectify it.

 We have a dedicated team with verified results for the implementation of SEO. If you have come this far, why leave without taking the advantage of experts that will help your business to thrive. Contact us today and let us help you harness the true potential of your brand through SEO.

Source- Crazyegg

This chart shows the average cost per click that you need to pay and if you go with the paid ads method. So the decision is your? Long-trm or short-term growth with stagnant methods?

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