Prasoon Arya explains how people can become SEO experts.


He is a 22-year-old expert in SEO and reputation management, emphasizing the importance of SEO for all brands and businesses.

A lot has been said about the digital world and the various online methods and tactics that help people achieve their definition of success. Amongst these colossal strategies and techniques, one strategy called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been gaining a lot of buzzes nowadays. However, Prasoon Arya, a 22-year-old SEO expert, online reputation management expert, and entrepreneur says that still entrepreneurs and brands need to focus on the same to garner more attention and success for their businesses, such as the importance of SEO in the whole of the digital space. Prasoon Arya is the young man and mind, who has been consistently advocating the importance of SEO to people, for he knows the success and higher ranking it can help people earn, taking them to the next level.

Below, the ace SEO professional, who has also shown his prowess in advanced content marketing and software, android app, and web development, explains how people can become SEO experts.

  • First, understand how it works: Prasoon Arya suggests people first familiarize themselves with how SEO works. It is important to hone one’s basic concepts in the same and then work their way up to the most complicated theories. The three main processes of SEO are crawling, indexing and ranking. For becoming an SEO specialist, people must know these concepts and hone their skills in each of these processes to attain maximum results.
  • Understand basic SEO marketing: SEM is also a concept that digital entrepreneurs thrive on these days, says Prasoon Arya. Hence, people must understand SEM and understand digital marketing and the role of SEO in digital marketing campaigns. These strategies help people gain traffic from search engines.
  • Walk-in tune with the changes in the industry: To excel at any niche, people must always adapt to the changing times and trends of the industry. Prasoon Arya says that people must stay informed about the SEO changes since it is not a static discipline and the algorithms and rules keep changing. To stay updated, they can follow a few SEO news websites that can give them information about ongoing SEO changes.

At 22 years, Prasoon Arya of Darb Media and Technology Pvt Ltd has expanded his business across different countries worldwide and become a powerful source and influential personality whose opinions are sought in the digital world.

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